Frequently Asked Questions

A credential evaluation critically evaluates a degree, certification or other educational qualification issued by an international institution and compares and converts it to the local equivalency. This advisory evaluation aims to assist academic institutions, licensing boards and employers in understanding and recognizing foreign credentials.

If you hold a foreign qualification, you will need to have this qualification evaluated before it is recognised as prior learning by a university or other educational institution, and in many cases before being accepted for employment.

Anyone holding foreign qualification that requires recognition of prior learnings by a university or educational institution, or to be recognised by a potential employer in order to secure employment.

Once your credentials have been evaluated, you may be able to gain admission to university or other educational courses, or in some cases have certain topics or courses waived due to recognised prior learning, saving you time and money. For professionals, having your credentials verified also greatly increases your employment opportunities in a wide range of professional fields.

QuadraBay provides evaluation services across a wide range of sectors; for professionals who are looking to qualify professionally for regulatory requirements and for international students who are seeking admission to universities and colleagues globally.

QuadraBay can conduct evaluation of professional work, academic work and experience.

Credential evaluation generally requires 7 business days from the time complete documents are received.  However, in certain cases where the evaluation scope of work required by the regulator or the university requires vetting of original documents the time to complete the evaluation can take longer.

Copies are accepted in most cases where provided documents are complete; however in some cases, original documents  are required before starting the evaluation process.

Unfortunately, QuadraBay cannot conduct evaluation if you are unable to provide us with all required documents.

You should submit your original degree or diploma, or official degree confirmation letter issued by the educational institution

Yes. QuadraBay requires a translation to be submitted along with the original document.

Any professional who is seeking to have their competency recognised (or the institution or organization seeking to recognise said professional’s competency) in order to carry out a specific procedure or set of procedures, provide a particular service, or other tasks in the professional environment.

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