Our Services

QuadraBay is an industry leading service provider that offers an array of innovative credentialing solutions ranging from, evaluation services, verification solutions, professional privileging services, data analytics, consultancy services with the vision to provide industry-leading excellence and quality across all government sectors.


Background Screening and Verification Services

QuadraBay provide an array of verification services that is tailored to client requirement.

Evaluation services

Evaluation of international education qualifications and experience for professionals in a wide range of service sectors.

Professional Privileging

We provide privileging guidance and framework to help our clients and partners appropriately authorize scope of practice for their practitioners and thus empower them to follow the scope of their practice, excel in what they do, and meet their objectives.

Data Analytic

Data analysis solutions, using specialized systems and software to allow our clients to effectively analyse their datasets to better understand their business and find the best solutions for their business. we help companies solve complex complex problems using highly effective tactical and strategic business engagement models. our key analytics services include: data gap analysis, data analytics and the visualization of data to improve operational strategy

Consultancy and Advisory

Consultancy and advisory solutions with the vision to provide service excellence, world class support and long lasting value to our customers, business partners, colleagues, shareholders and the communities we serve.

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