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At QuadraBay we are well aware that, nowadays, with the quick pace of technological advancement, it is all too easy for prospective candidates, amongst other unethical individuals, to forge documents by just the click of a button and thereby open up employment opportunities for which they have neither the qualifications nor experienced.

We are also conscious that, should these non-qualified employees, holding false documentation and credentials,  gain positions of trust with access to sensitive and private information, then it is not only their employer who is at risk but also the individual clients and indeed, from a wider perspective, society as a whole.

An appropriately qualified candidate who applies for a professional position, for example, in the healthcare, engineering, financial or education sectors, will have attained a certain level of education and gone on to gain the further qualifications specifically required for their profession, perhaps through university or vocational training. Having successfully qualified, they are then in a position to gain the prestigious positions their hard work has earned them together with access to professional boards and bodies and accredited organisations which will further enhance their status and financial rewards.

At QuadraBay we are well aware of the challenges that the recruitment process presents so we work closely with our clients to ensure that their job specifications attract only candidates who are appropriately skilled and who can successfully fill the position and that those applicants are legitimate and qualified professionals who will best serve the reputation and progress of the client’s business. Equally, we ensure that genuine candidates have the correct certification and verification to present to prospective employees.

What Makes QuadraBay the Right Partner for you?

Studies have shown that regulators and government agencies spend little or no time checking the statements that candidates have made on their employment or license to practice applications. Whereas some may make a few perfunctory calls to previous employers, little is done to substantiate qualifications and credentials, authenticate licenses to practice in their specific field or thoroughly check the person’s background.

That is perhaps understandable since, if you can find the correct contact to verify an applicant’s statement, it may well be that the issuing authorities are unwilling to provide any information beyond confirmation of dates or the candidate’s attendance at education establishments rather than, for example, whether they were successful or graduated.

Similarly, checking public records for criminal convictions or Worker’s Compensation histories can be a monumental task if you don’t know where to start. Maintaining the appropriate databases and on-line subscription services required to obtain, for example, driver’s records and credit profiles is also tedious and expensive.

QuadraBay, with its global partners, has over 40 years of experience performing verification services covering more than 196 countries with over 12 million verifications conducted annually. QuadraBay, with its partners, proudly serves over 25,000 clients worldwide across a variety of sectors and segments which makes it the right partner for you and one that you can depend on. To protect you, we continually strive to stay abreast of changing legislation relating to the recruitment of employees, accreditations, licensing procedures and screening processes.

Verifications solutions

  • Membership Bodies & Professional Associations
  • Education Verification
  • Professional Credentials & Qualification Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Professional & Reference Checks

Criminal Records

  • Comprehensive Criminal Record check
  • Police Clearance Authorization
  • GlobexTM Data Base

Identity Authentication

  • Passport Validation
  • Right to Work Validation

Reputational Risk & Compliance

  • Directorship Search
  • Adverse Media Search
  • Social Media Check

Financial & Civil Records

  • Credit Report
  • Civil Litigation Search
  • Bankruptcy Search
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