Evaluation Services

At QuadraBay we provide a comprehensive evaluation of academic studies and professional experience. our in-depth analysis uses points of reference such as contact hours, maximum marks, foreign credits, professional references, and scope of work. along with a wide network of global partners, we have an in-house team of experts with a comprehensive understanding of education and professional systems in source countries, who can assist our clients to evaluate and recognize international qualifications and skills attained worldwide.

Our evaluation services also include credential evaluation, which assists institutions and organizations to evaluate international applicants’ professional suitability at all academic levels and across many professions. Credentials may seem like just pieces of paper, but they can provide crucial information on an applicant’s academic history and professional skills set, if you know how to read them correctly.

Foreign credential evaluation is crucial for institutions to make effective admission decisions, as well as organisations and businesses to hire professionals with adequate skills and competencies. Accurate and efficient foreign credential evaluation allows institutions to admit international students who are adequately prepared to succeed in the programs to which they are applying to.

In the same way, evaluation of professional experience is critical for effective hiring decisions of all professions; in particular the high stake professions where a higher degree of scrutiny and review of the applicant’s credentials can be mandatory. QuadraBay offers an invaluable service to employers across many sectors; an accurate evaluation of an applicant’s professional experience, qualifications and competencies, which is appropriate to the needs and framework of that employer and their country. this service means that organisations and institutions can rest assured that important work is carried out only by professionals with the right level of competencies to do it, as well as helping applicants have their skills and experience recognised by foreign institutions, and so opening up greater opportunities for them.

QuadraBay helps individuals, companies, and institutions receive accurate and timely evaluations of foreign credentials and experience. our experts can evaluate diplomas, academic transcripts and work experience from any country in the world, and prepare document-by-document and course-by-course evaluations for employment, immigration, college admission, and licensing requirements.

The scope of QuadraBay evaluation services include:

  • Accreditation status of institution
  • Admission requirements of the academic/professional program
  • Level of education program (primary/elementary, secondary [lower/upper], post-secondary/tertiary)
  • Required length of the program of study (number of years of part-time/full-time study)
  • Content and structure of the program of study
  • Practical, clinical, internship components
  • Purpose/intent of the program (terminal, employment only, further education, vocational/professional training)
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