Professional Privileging Services

QuadraBay’s professional privileging services provide framework to authorize professional qualifications and/or performance to ensure that professionals do not practice outside the scope of their privileges as authorized by the relevant authorities and employers.

We provide these services across a range of sectors. In the healthcare sector, QuadraBay works to define the limits of privilege for physicians, medical practitioners and other professionals involved in patient care. This area requires a high level of expertise, given the risks involved in performing procedures in a hospital or other medical settings.

In this way, QuadraBay’s professional privileging services assist governing bodies or hospitals and other institutions to ensure that all their practitioners posses the demonstrated competencies to perform the procedures entrusted to them. these services can help in determining the scope of practice and clinical services assigned to physicians.

QuadraBay also works across the Legal field, facilitating evaluation of, and set scope of privileges for legal practitioners. We verify competence using peer review, training, licensure, and registration, among other evaluation methods. Thanks to our in-house expertise, clients can be assured that candidates have the professional privilege to conduct specified professional functions. All these programs can be customized to meet the local requirements of the clients.

QuadraBay Professional Privileging Services have the following scope:

  • Define the scope of practice for the relevant professional in accordance with organization bylaws and regulations: establish what is involved in the role; the requirements on that professional resulting from internal and external rules, regulations and requirements; and what skills, knowledge and competencies will be necessary.
  • Determine the required qualifications in order to provide professional services to the organization, including, but not limited to: education, training, certifications, fellowships/professional experience, and continuing education
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